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Lung Tank

Lung T-500™ + Turbocharger + Sub-Mask

Lung T-500™ + Turbocharger + Sub-Mask

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The Lung T-500 cylinder allows you to explore the depths for up to 10 minutes without surfacing. Thanks to it's refined design and minimal weight the Lung T-500™ can effortlessly be used with minimal set up, making it the perfect apparatus for all your aquatic adventures.

The Lung Turbocharger is a battery powered refill station for your Lung T-500™. It completely refills anywhere in minutes, hassle-free. Simply power the Lung Turbocharger via a 18V power tool battery or plug directly into a 110V / 220V mains power socket. The Lung Turbocharger is compatible with Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch & DeWalt rechargeable 18V DC Lithium-Ion batteries. Take the Lung Turbocharger with you everywhere thanks to its compact and lightweight design. It also comes with a high-pressure cable, auto-stop function, and spare filters.

The Lung Sub-Mask is a cutting-edge full-face snorkelling mask that can be linked to Lung cylinders. It transforms the traditional snorkelling experience by providing a unique combination of features: you can breathe through the snorkel while on the surface, and the Lung cylinder will automatically take over once you decide to dive.

Refer to the User Manual & Safety Guidelines before use.

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